Mind as a Dossier




For the ISTD competition, I have taken upon the challenge to represent ‘milestones’. The book is a medical file that follows the ups and downs of a newly diagnosed patient with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. It’s not only a personal story, but also medical explanations and visual data to fully teach and touch the reader.


I wanted the content to be honest and authentic, therefore it’s based on true experiences. The content is not in chronological order so that it represents the chaos in the author's mind. It becomes an experience for the reader to figure out the journey on their own, whilst being put in someone else’s shoes. I hope for the book to spread awareness, build empathy and inspire others who are ill to keep marching on. 


extra detail

  • Started in January 2015

  • 21.0 x 29.4 x 1.0 cm (132 pages)

  • Perfect bound

  • Interest was shown from neurologists, an epilepsy organisation and a pharmaceutical company.


I would love to expand this publication into a book series. Each book would focus on a different brain and what makes it unique. Each writer could share their hardships and milestones of living with a neurological condition, and how that shaped their world.

There will be three pillars that will shape the consistency of this collection. Firstly, the aim is to share a story or journey of a person with a neurological condition. The tone of the book should match the tone of the medical severity and experience. Secondly, it is important to add medical facts and explanations. Factually correct content will educate the readers, spread awareness and debunk stereotypes. Lastly, for the book to be graphically appealing, there should be visuals, photos, graphs or typographical experiments. These should not reveal serious personal data of the authors.