Mind as a Dossier




For the ISTD competition, I have taken upon the challenge to represent ‘milestones’. The book is a medical file that follows the ups and downs of a newly diagnosed patient with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. It is not a journal, a medical book nor medical data. It is a messy collection of them all to fully teach and touch the reader.


I wanted the content to be honest and authentic, therefore it’s based on true experiences. To explain the chaos in the patient’s mind, I did not arrange the text in chronological order. This dossier becomes an experience as it allows the reader to try to figure out the journey on their own, whilst being put in someone else’s shoes. I hope for the book to not only spread the word, but also inspire those who are ill to keep marching on.


extra detail

  • Started in January 2015

  • 21.0 x 29.4 x 1.0 cm (132 pages)

  • Perfect bound

  • Interest was shown from neurologists and epilepsy organisations