An investigation into promoting Pieter Bruegel’s Netherlandish Proverbs from 1559. The 100+ Dutch proverbs which are presented needed a little more respect and interest, especially from the youth. Organising it and spicing it up with colour makes it easier to analyse and understand. 


My interest in Pieter Bruegel comes from Dutch culture itself. Living in The Netherlands for most of my life and seeing the value that the locals give to this piece made me question why curiosity in language and history are not so common in England (where I studied). My interest in cultural diversity and comparisons became a base for my graduation project.

extra detail

  • Project from March till May 2015

  • Final graduation project at the University of Southampton

  • Project consisted of an installation breaking the painting down into easier segments, a map that supported the installation, two posters designs, five postcard designs and an app mockup to continue learning about this painting even after leaving the show.