Trespassers Only




German artist, Stef Heidhues, wanted a book of her recent exhibition, showing not only her work but also include interviews and reviews of her show. The book design represents her passion for curiosity, courage and mystery. This is emphasised by the play of paper stock, layering of vellum paper and transparency.


Stef's work contrasts physicality and purpose of objects, e.g. they should be and may seem delicate but actually, are made out of heavy duty material. To emphasise her work even further, I disguised it with layers of vellum paper. At a first glance, the reader recognises the object, yet is surprised by its physical structure once they turn the extra page. Pushing boundaries should not only be expected in the artists work, but also in the book that presents them.

extra detail

  • 19x19 cm (72 pages)

  • Perfect bound

  • Completed in March 2014

  • The project was a part of my Erasmus exchange to Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona.