Better Designer Challenge

People see New Years as an opportunity to drop their old ‘negative’ habits, whether smoking, stress or drinking. Only in spring there is a sudden rush to start ‘positive’ habits. Media reminds us that there are only 12 weeks till beach season and if you start working out now you will just make it. Diet cereal, toning cream, self tanner, yoga mats! Must. Get. In. Shape! 

I took this time to think how I will exercise, my brain and skills rather than my physique. There is so much I would still like to learn, or get back into. I stopped oil painting a few years back. I would like to be able to code. If ten-year-olds do it smoothly nowadays, why am I behind? I do need a little structure at first to keep the ball rolling. I came across a challenge on Creative Market: How to Become a Better Designer in 30 Days

Alright, game on.


task 1 - Take Stock Of Where You Are Now

Short and simple task to answer some questions.


List your skills as a designer:

  • Research
  • Mind maps
  • Lateral thinking
  • Considering and using social/political/historical aspects
  • Hierarchy
  • Colour and type theory


List your weaknesses as a designer:

  • Used to constantly look out for new methods/techniques, but stopped.
  • Horrible at social media, especially Instagram.
  • Coding
  • Calligraphy
  • Maintaining a fresh (constantly developing) mood board


What do you enjoy doing? 

I used to be very hands on - analog photography, continuous line drawing, doodling, oil painting. At the moment I work behind the computer and forget that I do not need CC to create something.

Oh and challenging perceptions. Love making people think.


What could you be better at?

Look out for and practice new creative techniques, while still developing the old ones I learnt.


Conclusion: Think less, make more.